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Knowledge spreads quickly thanks to the Internet and many clients are getting increasingly savvy about what open-source solutions are available on the market.

Clients will naturally ask agencies what the best solution is for their web project. It is vital that digital partners work closely with agencies to analyse project specs in order to provide the best option at the best price. But each project is different and some solutions might not work for everyone.

When budget is extremely important, be-spoke solutions are often not the best option when satisfying clients. That’s why open-source is so popular.

Drupal, WordPress and Joomla have, through the years, established themselves as leaders for online CMS.

WordPress has a massive community – more than 140m downloads and an extensive library of themes and plugins. It is the most well known and used CMS on the market. While it’s good for small and medium size companies, it fails on security.

Drupal on the other hand, is growing really fast and is best for medium and large size companies. Of the 3, Drupal is the most scalable and secure system. Recently Drupal launched their e-commerce module which put them right at the top with the best e-commerce platform currently on the market.

Unfortunately Joomla has lost ground in the last few years and nowadays is the worst of the 3. At Digital Evolution Lab we rarely would suggest using this CMS.

Our favourite is Drupal due to the flexibility and scalability. The admin area design is not great, but with skilled developers that can be easily changed and improved upon.That’s why we have a dedicated team that’s currently reviewing the structure and building some amazing solutions for our clients. Lighter code, amazing admin areas and easy modules to integrate. We will soon be launching some game changing products.

But where are the savings?

There is a misbelief that by hiring one developer in-house, it will cost you less than hiring a digital development agency. Even by using an open-source solution, the cost of your project can rise dramatically. However, 1 developer, even if cheaper on paper, won’t be able to run several tasks (such as code development, testing, planning, comms with the client etc) at the same time. Whereas an agency could take 4 weeks to complete all the above tasks, you can double the timeline, at least, with one developer.

That is why savings aren’t often made, even with open-source solutions and in-house developers…

If you wish to know more about offshore development rates, please read our article: ‘Development rates and creative agencies’.

For the last 12 months we’ve shaped our price structure to offer a package of 1x developer, 1x Project manager and 1x test manager (for the above rationale) and all for a price that is just a fraction above the average UK price of one in-house developer. Do you want to know more? Drop us a line at

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