In everyday tasks it is always difficult to change our habits. It is equally true in business. But in business you have to continue to adapt, keep up, stay ahead, or your business will slip behind – ‘adapt or die’ as we think of it.

Choosing a new digital partner can be scary. You might ask yourself “why should we change digital partners or add anyone new into the mix?”. Because new companies always offer something new, fresh and often better value for money.

It has been clear when meeting with agencies that are curious about what new digital partners can offer, that one of the main reasons for considering change is related to seeking better quality, better communications, less headaches and greater transparency. Plus, obviously budget is a key factor.

Working for a decade within the design and development industry I have had the opportunity to meet with many designers, developers, branding and marketing professionals. From corporate to small start-ups, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all types of agencies at different stages of growth.
How do you judge a new supplier and eliminate risk?
This is what you should look for in a new digital partner:

  1. Quality – high caliber clients they’ve worked with. Big names won’t hire unprofessional and unreliable companies
  2. Reputation and testimonials. Who and what people have to say is always key, just like references with staff
  3. Compare what they offer vs overall cost

What the best process for the smooth running of projects?

  1. Someone who can take ownership and run the project top to bottom without giving you and your client any headaches
  2. Weekly reports by email or conference call
  3. A point of contact who’s available anytime you need them
  4. A team of qualified Senior developers
  5. A strong bridge that is often missing between the creative and technical people
  6. Affordable pricing

We offer a basic package of one project manager who has creative and technical skills and will understand your needs vs technical solutions. A big team of senior developers we offer the best and most innovating technical solutions for your project.
Big or small, we do any project. From brochure conversion to massive data handling with multiple databases and content access.
Also, qualified test managers who will assure that each project is delivered without bugs or issues in all browsers and devices.

But it seems a lot. How much would you charge?
With the increase of cheap digital agencies from China, India etc… the market value has dramatically changed.
We have created an affordable price range without compromising in quality and quantity. Today we are proud to offer high standard and competitive prices.

Are you intrigued? Do you want to know more?
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